Alexandre Toumarkine: Is the Ottoman Case that far from the Habsburgian One ? On the Causality between Nationalism, War and Imperial Dissolution

Nowdays, the collapse of the Habsburgian Empire is overwhelmingly presented as a result of the end and the loss of the war by the Double eagle Monarchy. Contrariwise, the desintegration between various nations is seen as a  consequence and not a cause of  this collapse ; the nations composing the Empire being considered to have been, until the last moment, mostly loyals, if not fidels to the state. As for the Ottoman case, nationalism is accepted as one of the main factors of the implosion of the Empire, the mass violence shown against Christian civilian populations, and especially the Armenian Genocide, testifying this nature. This presentation will, at variance, argue that the idea of a destructive role played by nations is to be questioned if not revised, the Ottoman process being much closer to the Habsburgian one than explained /thought.

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